Incantations (from The Celtic Mass)

About Incantations (from The Celtic Mass)

Duration | 2.00

From "The Celtic Mass", A choral favourite, this energetic and short work intermingles the Christian "Alleluia" with Irish natural imagery. This piece comes with an IPA and MP3 Pronunciation guide.

  • Mixed Voice
  • High Voice

NOTE WELL : The number of singers that perform this piece must match the number of singers on the Certificate. 

Music and text written by Michael McGlynn


‘S Tusa an dámh, ‘s Tusa an éan, ‘s Tusa an t-iasc, aililú.

‘S Tusa an ghaoth, ‘s Tusa an fuacht, ‘s Tusa an mhuir, aililú.

‘S Tusa an ghrian, ‘s Tusa an réalt, ‘s Tusa an spéir, aililú.

‘S Tusa an féar, ‘S Tusa an bláth, ‘S Tusa na crainn, aililú.

Aililú mo Íosa, aililú mo chroí, aililú mo Thiarna, aililú mo Chríost.


You are the stag, You are the bird, You are the fish, alleluia

You are the wind, You are the cold, You are the sea, alleluia

You are the sun, You are the star, You are the sky, alleluia

You are the grass, You are the flower, You are the tree, alleluia


Alleluia my Jesus, alleluia my heart, alleluia my Lord, alleluia my Christ.



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